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PCB Design

Our printed circuit board (PCB) design experience ranges from simple test fixtures and test boards for testing IC's and ASIC's to complex systems for products in the marketplace.

Schematic of printed circuit board Close-up of printed circuit board Variety of green printed circuit boards Printed circuit board with close-up of large square chip Close-up of printed circuit board schematic Tweezers placing a circuit onto a green printed circuit board

We pride ourselves on being able to translate any idea into a workable hardware solution. Whether you have just a concept or working hardware we can help you refine your idea and get a reliable board that suits your needs. We can help customers select the components best suited for their application or we will use customer specified parts. Our specialties include:

We interface directly with PCB manufactures to get customers boards built quickly, reliably and economically. We assemble in-house prototype and small batch quantities and can interface with assembly houses for high-volume production quantities.

PCB Design Principles