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IC and ASIC Design

Our integrated circuit (IC) and application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) knowledge and experience covers a wide range of technologies and applications.

We have designed in processes with feature sizes ranging from 0.5 micron to 0.18 micron. These processes include bulk CMOS, silicon on insulator (SOI) CMOS, silicon on sapphire (SOS) CMOS and custom fabrication processes. We are experienced with radiation hardened design and layout practices. We work with analog, digital and mixed signal circuits and systems.

Sensing Machines can transition your board level system implementations into an integrated electronic implementation. We can work with you to design new electronics solutions for your ideas and products. We provide turnkey engineering for space, military, commercial and consumer applications.

We have designed a wide variety of circuitry for various applications including:

Analog Circuits

Operational Amplifiers, Operational Transconductance Amplifiers, Current Mode Amplifiers, Biasing Circuits, Voltage References, Proportional to Absolute Temperature (PTAT) Circuits, Mixers, Filters, PID Control Loops, Laser Drivers.

Analog Circuit 1 Analog Circuit 2 Analog Circuit 3

Mixed Signal Circuits

Sigma Delta Converters, Analog to Digital Converters (ADC), Digital to Analog Converters (DAC), Frequency Synthesizers, Imagers, Comparators.

Mixed Signal Circuits 1 Mixed Signal Circuits 2 Mixed Signal Circuits 3

Digital Circuits

PID Control Loops, Lock-In Amplifiers, Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS), Filters, Interface Logic, Control Units (custom built and synthesized), and a wide range of custom digital logic.

Digital Circuits 1 Digital Circuits 2 Digital Circuits 3

IC & ASIC Design Principles